3 Reasons to Avoid Chewing Ice!

Many people have a habit of chewing on ice, whether as a nervous habit or simply to cool down. No matter the reason that you chew on ice, it is important that you stop. Your teeth were not meant to undergo the pressure of chewing on something as hard as ice. The damage that can occur as a result of chewing ice can cause extensive and irreparable damage to your teeth. If you have this habit, here are three reasons that you might want to quit.

• Chewing on ice puts excessive pressure on the enamel. While enamel is meant to protect your teeth and keep them strong, it cannot withstand something as strong as ice. As you continue your ice chewing habit, you wear down the enamel, exposing the dentin in your tooth, which results in extreme amounts of pain and possible infection.

• When you constantly chew on ice, you cause tiny cracks in your enamel. These cracks might not be readily seen by the naked eye, but the bacteria in your mouth can locate them. When the bacteria enter into the cracks, it begins to eat away at your tooth, causing tooth decay.

• Ice is very hard, and if you chew it at the wrong angle, it could cause you to suffer a dental emergency, such as a broken tooth or severe damage to your gums.

If you have a habit of chewing ice and are unable to stop, we can help you determine the reasons and provide ways for you to stop in order to protect your teeth.

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