How to Keep Your Teeth Looking White

Everyone wants to have a bright white smile, but sometimes life just does not allow that to happen. If you do not want to come into the office for professional teeth whitening all of the time, there are certain things that you can do at home to preserve your smile. Even if you do come in for a teeth whitening, it is important that you avoid certain bad habits to ensure that your teeth keep the new bright white color that was created with the whitening procedure.

Things to Consider for Whiter Teeth

• Watch what you drink: There are certain drinks, especially those with dark pigmentation that can damage your enamel. Coffee, red wine, sports drinks and fruit juices are all known to eat away at your enamel, making them look dark and unappealing.

• Watch what you eat: Some foods that would otherwise be considered healthy, such as berries, beets and tomatoes, can damage your enamel too. If you do consume dark colored foods, make sure to drink water with them and brush your teeth soon after consuming them to decrease the damage that they cause.

• Avoid baking soda: Many people think that brushing with baking soda will make their teeth whiter because it is such an abrasive cleaner. Unfortunately, it is too abrasive, causing it to strip the enamel from your teeth, leaving them looking darker than before.

• Stop smoking: Tobacco can cause brown stains on the enamel of your teeth that cannot be removed. The stains can work their way into the natural cracks and grooves in your teeth, making them very difficult to get to, leaving your teeth discolored.

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