What Should I Know about Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

Wisdom tooth surgery is one of the most common surgeries completed in the dental field, but since it is still surgery, care should be taken after the procedure is complete. There are very few risks associated with the removal of your wisdom teeth as long as you follow the directions given by us before you go home. In general, the recovery only lasts the day of the surgery, but if there are minor complications, it may take you a little longer to fully recover.

Monitor Your Diet after Wisdom Tooth Surgery

The most important thing to do after wisdom tooth surgery is to monitor your diet. Remember, after undergoing sedation, your body will respond differently than normal, so make sure to plan your diet ahead of time. In general, it is best to stick to a soft diet for 3 or 4 days in order to allow the area to heal. If you were to eat something that was hard and it got stuck in the area, it could put you at risk for a serious infection. In addition, foods should be room temperature when you eat them in order to avoid excessive pain since the surgical area is still going to be sensitive for a little while.

Watch your Lifestyle

For the first few days to a week after wisdom tooth surgery, you should refrain from smoking and drinking. You should also avoid strenuous activity. This allows your mouth to fully heal without the risk of injury or infection. It is very important that you keep your mouth clean and free from any foreign substances, which is why refraining from any poor lifestyle habits is essential until you are fully healed from your wisdom tooth surgery.

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