Why is my Dentist Billing Me When I have Insurance?


A common misconception by most patients is that because they have insurance, they are under no financial obligation to the dentist office. This is just not true.

Our team is happy to assist you in understanding your insurance benefits but the financial obligation remains between the dentist and the patient.

Why is my dentist seeking payment from me?

Occasionally, an insurance company will deny benefits for services rendered. If this happens, the patient remains the primary responsible party to pay for services. The reality is that there are two relationships in the billing process.

The first relationship is between you and your dentist. Since services were rendered to you or your family member, then you are the party that is responsible to the dentist. The second relationship is between you and your insurance company.

You, or your company, pays the insurance company a certain amount of money with the expectation that they will in turn pay for certain dental benefits.

There is no obligation or relationship between the dentist office and the insurance company. What we do provide is the willingness to contact your insurance company to help you decipher and better understand your policy.

Will Insurance Cover Everything?

Each insurance policy is different. Some cover just the basics such as dental cleanings and checkups, some cover a few additional larger procedures such as filling cavities and treating gum disease, and some can cover quite a bit more including root canals and possibly even crowns.

Your policy is dependent on what is being provided to you by your specific insurance company for the specific policy that you hold. Your policy is decided on by either the package that you chose, or that your employer chose, our office does not choose dental policies for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your dental insurance.


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