Mouth Guards


Night Guards

A mouth guard is a plastic device that fits over your teeth that protects them from grinding and clenching damage. It is worn at the times when you are most likely to grind your teeth (usually at night). Stress reduction may also help to relax your jaw muscles and make grinding less likely. If steps are not taken to stop the damage, bruxism may lead to jaw, muscle, or joint problems and even loss of teeth.

Video:Diagnosing Bruxism

Symptoms of Clinching or Grinding

  • Sore, tired jaw
  • Dull headaches
  • Earaches
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Recessed gums
  • Sports guards

Athletic Mouthguards

In high school and college ball, protection is mandatory: a five-yard penalty is assessed against a team when players "forget" to keep mouth guards in the mouth. Aside from penalties, wearing a mouth guard fends off splintered jawbones, fractured noses, cuts to the cheek and lip, fractured teeth and even brain concussions.

Teenage athletes often find "store-bought" mouth guards cumbersome as there may be difficulty talking or breathing comfortably. So, the tendency is to spit it out and risk penalty and injury. Our office offers custom sports appliances that fit perfectly, are inexpensive, and work! We can even put your school's logo or a custom image on your mouth guard.

Video: Preventative Mouthguards


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