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You might hesitate to get dental appliances like crowns or bridges for fear that they won’t look natural. At 2222 Dental in Austin, Texas, the dental team designs and creates your crown or bridge using advanced CEREC® technology for a precise fit and natural finish. To find out more about crowns or bridges, call 2222 Dental or book an appointment online today to arrange your consultation.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

What are crowns?

Dental crowns are single-tooth appliances that fit over weak, damaged, or unattractive teeth to protect them and restore their strength under the forces of your bite. You might need a crown after getting a root canal, or you might need a crown to attach to a singular dental implant. For any purpose, the team at 2222 Dental designs and crafts your crown to fit your smile perfectly. You can get your crown made with:

  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Porcelain
  • Gold
  • Porcelain fused to metal

Porcelain and ceramic crowns look just like your natural teeth in color, but metal crowns are typically a bit stronger and longer-lasting. Your dentist can help you select the right material for your crown based on its position in your mouth and your personal preference.

What are bridges?

Bridges are a solution for one or more missing teeth that leave a gap in your smile. They include one or more replacement teeth when one is missing, plus crowns on one or both sides of the appliance to anchor onto the healthy teeth next to the gap. 

You can use a bridge to replace 1-3 missing teeth. If you’re missing more, your dentist might encourage you to consider partial dentures instead. However, getting a bridge means eating normally, speaking clearly, and avoiding teeth drifting into the gap and causing misalignment. 

What’s the process of getting crowns or bridges?

When you get a crown or a bridge, your dentist must first reduce the size of the teeth that are getting crowns. This makes space for them to hold their new crowns or the crowns that attach to the bridge. 

Next, your dentist takes impressions for use in making your crown or bridge. Unless you’re getting a metal or gold crown, they also find a material that matches the color of your natural teeth. The team at 2222 Dental uses CEREC® technology to craft your crown into the exact shape swiftly. CEREC technology lets you get your crown or bridge on the same day your impressions are taken. 

Finally, your dentist checks to make sure your crown or bridge fits perfectly. They cement it into place and might make some final adjustments. They send you home with care instructions for your crown or bridge and make sure you know what to do in the very rare instance that it breaks or falls off. 

For more information and guidance about crowns and bridges, call 2222 Dental or book an appointment online today.