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Living with only a couple of teeth left — or none at all — can leave you unable to speak clearly and only able to eat soft or liquid foods. At 2222 Dental in Austin, Texas, you can regain control over your mouth with partial or full dentures, custom-designed by the dental team. To find out more about dentures and your options for them, call 2222 Dental or book an appointment online today.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable dental appliances that replace some or all of your teeth and include a set of pink artificial gums. The teeth in your dentures are made to look exactly like real teeth and are strong enough that you can use them to bite and chew. The gum component of your dentures is a soft plastic that fits comfortably over your real gums.

While dentures don’t feel like real teeth, wearing them allows you the ability to speak and the freedom to eat many of your favorite foods. The team at 2222 Dental designs your dentures to fit your jaw perfectly and look as natural as possible with your face shape. They use durable materials that can withstand some impact so they’re unlikely to break if they fall.

Which type of dentures should I get?

The team at 2222 Dental helps you decide which type of dentures you need and whether you should get implants to anchor them in place. Traditional dentures stay in place because of the muscles in your mouth, but implant dentures attach to implants for a sturdier hold. However, you need adequate bone density in your jaw to install implants. Your dentist can tell you which of these types of sets you need:

Partial dentures

Partial dentures let you keep some of your remaining original teeth. The denture anchors onto your existing teeth. You can get removable partial dentures or partial dentures cemented in place. 

Full dentures

Full dentures replace all of your teeth: If you have one or two teeth remaining, your dentist might suggest removing them for a full denture set. You can purchase a denture adhesive to help them stay in place on your gums while you wear them. 

How should I take care of my dentures?

When you get dentures, you need to learn to take care of them to make them last. At 2222 Dental, the team can help you make denture care like its second nature. First, and perhaps most importantly, you need to clean your dentures every day. You should start by running them under water to rinse away food particles and other debris. 

Next, you should use a soft denture cleaning brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub your dentures gently. You should use either a denture cleaner or a mild soap to do this. Then, give them another rinse before placing them back in your mouth.

You should keep in mind that you still need to brush your gums, remaining teeth, and tongue while you have dentures. You should also continue attending regular exams and cleaning appointments at 2222 Dental. 

For more information about dentures, call 2222 Dental for a consultation or book online today.