What's the Right Way to Store Your Toothbrush?

If you are like most people, you probably store your toothbrush in a cup or toothbrush holder right next to the sink in your bathroom, but is that the best place to put it?

Consider all of the germs that are in your bathroom, and think about how easy they can access your brush. By following the right steps in storing your toothbrush, you can keep bacteria away and your mouth clean.

Rinse Off Your Toothbrush

After you're done brushing your teeth, you might be ready to spit and to get going, but make sure that you are first taking the time to rinse off your brush thoroughly. This will wash away debris and excess toothpaste.

Give It Some Space
When considering where you'll put your toothbrush, try to give it some space from the toilet. It should be placed at least three feet away, and you should also try and prevent your toothbrush from touching other brushes.

Store Your Toothbrush in the Open

You should never store your brush in a closed or airtight container, as bacteria love moisture and will thrive in this environment. Instead, place the brush in a cup or holder in an upright position to ensure that it dries off thoroughly. Avoid putting it in a drawer or cabinet, as well.

Swap It Out
If you feel that your toothbrush has been contaminated - or if it has been three months since your last new brush - it is time to swap out your existing brush for a new one. If you notice fraying bristles or other damage before your three-month time period is up, go ahead and swap it out earlier.

A healthy mouth will require a clean and sanitary toothbrush, and by taking the time to make sure that you are storing yours properly, you can ensure that you are cleaning your teeth as effectively as possible.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your toothbrush.

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