Can You Reverse Tooth Decay?


There are a lot of sugary snacks out there that we just can’t seem to keep away from our kids. They are deliberately designed to appeal to them with bright colors and familiar television shows, and even if we keep nothing at home, there are other sources like school parties, holidays, and other kids. We tell them to brush, and maybe they do, but their baby teeth and more importantly, their permanent ones, are being heavily affected all of by those tasty treats out there. Here at Myers Dental, we want to help you tackle the workload and provide optimal oral care for the entire family.

Taking Care of Everybody’s Smile

It is second nature for many of us to eat after our kids, never mind the five-second-rule. What you do not know is that you could be transferring the bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities to them through your saliva. With the help of your dentist and working with your child at home, we hope to stop additional bacterial growth and reverse any damage done.

It is easily preventable. If your teeth have ever felt fuzzy, that’s the bacteria starting to grow. All you have to do is wipe it away to stop the plaque from forming. Plaque is the white chalky stuff near the gumline that doesn’t want to come off. It can be white, yellow, brown, or black. Scheduling regular cleanings with your Austin dentist can help keep this plaque off and is an important step in preventing tooth decay. For smaller children, cleaning the mouth with a cloth can protect the softer baby teeth. A toothbrush with a bit of toothpaste works effectively for all others (pea-size for adults, rice-size for small children).

The best way to handle this is to try to prevent plaque buildup in the first place. What you eat is a huge factor in how much sugar is there to feed the bacteria. By limiting the junk and opting for less sweet options, it will go a long way in helping protect everybody’s teeth. After a particularly sugary meal, it is effective to rinse out the mouth with water, and limiting snacks between meals leaves even less chance for bacteria to form. Teaching your children to brush together after breakfast, then before going to bed will provide an example of excellent oral health and offer an opportunity to bond with the whole family can enjoy.

Because tooth decay can be so painful, it is that much more important to be aware of it for the sake of your child. It has been known to affect sleep cycles, moods, can cause a drop in overall academic performance and can result in missed school days. Tooth decay takes a while to happen, and it never has to get to that point of pain. If we can catch it early enough, we can reverse most damage caused by periodontal disease-carrying bacteria and easily restore their dental health.

Scheduling regular cleanings with Myers Dental can help us stay on top of the issue, so you have one less thing to worry about. Give us a call at (512) 506-9889 today, and we will be happy to help!

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